Concrete Staining- Pool Deck Tallahassee

Get the most out of your concrete flooring and get the look you want with concrete staining. Using our high- quality staining products and techniques, we provide you with a luxurious and elegant finish to perfectly enhance the overall aesthetic of your floors. At Pool Deck Tallahassee, we can transform ordinary into extraordinary.



    Where should you consider using concrete stain?

    Concrete stain compliments any design style you choose and is perfect for both homeowners and industrial settings. With eye-catching, unique finishes, you will find stained concrete in any room of the house from the kitchen to the basement.
    • Basements
    • Garage floors
    • Kitchens
    • Bathrooms
    • Living Spaces
    • Commercial Applications
    • Industrial Applications
    This image shows a shop with a cream epoxy floor.

    Concrete Staining Benefits

    Many of us have long thought that concrete serves only a utilitarian purpose and is meant to only serve a function. But, drab grey concrete can be dull and boring as well as create quite a bit of dust, which is not only a hassle to clean but also can cause damage to your belongings. Many are beginning to find that not only can concrete serve a purpose, but it can also be decorative and add value to your home or business.
    This image shows a commercial area with epoxy-painted floors.
    One of the top reasons for choosing concrete stain is it low cost. Not only is it quick to install, thus cutting down on labor costs, but it also works with and enhances the imperfections such as cracks and discoloration that your poured concrete may already have. This saves on the labor of having to repair or fill in these portions of your floor prior to application.
    This image shows a commercial area with epoxy-painted floors.
    Long Lasting
    Concrete resurfacing has been growing in popularity and there are many options when it comes to concrete floor overlays, but staining is a different process and application. Because concrete staining works to truly stain the concrete subfloor that you already have in place, there is overlay product that will ever chip or peel. The staining application stains your concrete to a beautiful finish and stays that way virtually forever. You will be tired of your floors before they stop performing for you.
    This image shows a commercial area with epoxy-painted floors.
    Concrete is already a durable surface that is able to stand tough against heavy foot traffic, but stained concrete takes this durability to the next level. Your floors will stand up to high heels, pets, furniture slides and even your kiddos toys. It can also withstand heavy vehicles, tools, or equipment. Stained concrete is a beast and will perform for many years to come.
    This image shows a commercial area with epoxy-painted floors.
    Design Options
    When you think of drab grey concrete, you are not even touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the colors and styles that can be accomplished with concrete stain. The color palette that is available for concrete stain is extensive and they can be applied with a variety of techniques to give you a truly unique floor that matches your home and design style.
    This image shows a patio floor that was resurfaced and looks new again.
    Water Resistant
    When your concrete floors are stained, they will be sealed with a finishing touch that makes them nearly impervious to water damage as well as other staining.
    This image shows a patio floor that was resurfaced and looks new again.
    Environmentally Friendly
    Because the majority of subfloors are already concrete and many of the surfaces that you would want to use concrete stain already have poured concrete, so this cuts down on materials usage and costs. This is highly sustainable. Also, the staining process uses primarily materials that are earth friendly and allows you to keep your beautiful floors for many decades. Since you will not have to repair or replace your floors you are making the sustainable choice for your flooring.
    This image shows a basement floor with epoxy that is metallic brown in color.
    Low Maintenance
    Stained concrete is not only elegant and luxurious but is also extremely simple to maintain. Stained concrete no longer creates the dust that untreated concrete is known for and it is very easy to sweep clean on a regular basis. Spill are easily managed because they do not cause any staining. Just a quick wipe is all that is necessary. If a deeper clean is desired, a simple soap and water is all that is needed.
    This image shows a commercial floor with epoxy that is metallic brown in color.
    The design options are endless. Because you have simply stained your floors, you also have the versatility of adding rugs or other enhancements on top of your floors. If you ever tire of your floors they are also incredibly easy to replace as there is no work to be done to remove old flooring. Concrete floors allow for a wide variety of future design freedom.