Tallahassee Pool Deck Resurfacing

Is your pool decking finally beginning to show signs of wear and tear from the harsh conditions it is subject to on a daily basis? Or are you just tired of the current coating that is installed and just wish to refreshen the appearance of your backyard? Well, we are happy to say that we proudly serve our neighbors in Tallahassee with our pool deck resurfacing techniques that can turn your backyard into a spectacle of pure beauty.
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    How to tell its time to resurface

    Pool deck resurfacing can seem like an expensive and time-consuming process that can be just one big headache. We will make this process as easy as possible for you. Below we have outlined a few signs that show its time to resurface.
    • Cracks on concrete from age and mother nature that if left unchecked can cause serious problems
    • Faded paint on your kool decking that results in kool decking not reflecting heat as it should
    • Bare spots from a material that has peeled away, leaving exposed concrete that can lead to structural damage
    • You are getting ready to sell your home; inspectors will not pass a pool deck with problems as they can be a safety issue
    Tallahassee Pool Deck Resurfacing

    The Many Materials For Pool Deck Resurfacing

    We offer many different styles and materials that can be used in the process of resurfacing your pool deck in Tallahassee. All of our materials offer their own kind of benefits and appeal to any type of backyard they may be placed in. All of our materials bring safety, durability, easy maintenance and increase in the value of your home. We know that we have a material that will suit your needs as well as appeal to your sense of style. Below we have made a general outline of most of the materials we offer to our neighbors in Tallahassee so you can get the gist of what we have to offer. Just because you want a material that isn’t on the list doesn’t mean we don’t install it, be sure to call us today if you wish to learn more!
    Pavers Over Concrete Pool Deck
    Pavers are one of the most beautiful pool deck resurfacing options that we offer. Though the overall appearance is usually why most clients choose this method, there are plenty of amazing reasons to switch beyond looks. Pavers offer resistance to the harsh chemicals that can be found inside a pool and can last in these settings for decades, making them a wonderful investment in your pool. Another great feature of pavers is the fact that they can easily be replaced in the off chance that one does break!
    Stamped Concrete Pool Decks
    Stamped concrete is a one of a kind material that offers superior durability and amazing views from the pool. When choosing stamped concrete as your pool deck resurfacing material, you will enjoy the durability and long lasting properties of concrete as it is shaped in a way to replicate natural stone. We can even implement the use of stains that can amplify the highs and lows of the surface to make it appear even more lifelike!
    Pavers Over Concrete Pool Deck
    Concrete overlays are one of the most stunning and durable forms of pool deck resurfacing. The overlay is applied right over the concrete pool deck without much preparation and give a sleek and seamless finish. The overlay can be a bland color or if used with more pigment in the application, can offer a look similar to marble or a bowling ball. The finished product of concrete overlay even gives the material traction which is perfect for pool decking.
    Pool Deck Resurfacing Options
    While brick and tile are the rarest forms of pool decking, they offer many great benefits. When pool deck resurfacing with these materials, the brick and tile offer easy maintenance as well as a nice feel on your feet. Since the surface of the tile is rather solid, no stains usually find themselves on the tile. And when you choose brick or tile, they offer a pleasant feeling on your feet, as both do a fantastic job of staying cool, even in direct sunlight.
    Cool Pool Deck Coating
    Kool Decking has been giving families top tier performance along with a one of a kind appearance since the 1960s. They are one of the most trusted pool deck resurfacing materials on the market today. When you choose a Kool Decking, you will receive a pool decking that supplies traction when wet, a cool touch as the paint does an amazing job at reflecting sunlight and a long lifetime all at an affordable pricing point.
    Concrete Pool Deck Paint
    Stenciled concrete is the more affordable option to a stamped concrete pool deck. That isn’t to say that a stenciled concrete pool deck isn’t one of the better options, because it is. With a stamped concrete pool deck, you can replicate flagstone, pavers and even wood all with the durability of concrete. We use acid stains to make the shapes and even highs and lows in this material, making it look more like the real thing it is emulating.
    Pool Concrete Deck Tallahassee
    Concrete stains are one of the most affordable materials that can be used when resurfacing a concrete pool deck in Tallahassee. This is because a concrete stain can be placed directly over old or new concrete with minimal preparation. After the stain has been installed and dried, a top layer of sealer is placed directly on top. For concrete stain that is used around a pool, we offer a special additive that supplies traction even when it is wet.
    Concrete Pool Deck Repair
    Have you already grown to love the existing concrete pool deck that is already installed on your property and don’t want to replace it? We offer our services to repair any type of pool decking you may have in ways that can make it look like nothing ever happened in the first place. We can fill cracks, repaint you kool decking and even replace pavers or tile that may be damaged or broken. We will work with you to make sure your pool deck is exactly the way you want it.