Epoxy Flooring Tallahassee

The flooring your warehouse, business building, retail shop, or home all have to withstand high usage and daily life. If your floor can handle anything life has to throw at it, you have more time to worry about your family and business. With such high demands and expectations, epoxy flooring is the only system that will satisfy those needs. We offer customizable solutions for all of your flooring needs, so give us a call today to find out more.



    Where can epoxy be installed?

    A flooring system that benefits residential, commercial, and industrial properties is rare and hard to fine, luckily, we do it all. We believe proper and professionally epoxy flooring installation is artwork, and our professional installers know just what to do.
    • Garage floors become strong and resistant
    • Kitchens become durable and can handle more.
    • Retail centers become vibrant and elegant.
    • Warehouses and factories become brighter.
    • Professional buildings become long-lasting.
    This image shows a shop with a cream epoxy floor.

    Epoxy Flooring Benefits

    There are a number of benefits an epoxy floor offers, however, unless you have your floors professionally installed, the benefits will fall short. DIY kits rob you of a strong and resilient floor because there are a number of professionally conducted tests prior to installation that must occur for a success result. Testing your floors for residual epoxy, paints, chemicals, and oils is important for installation. These are steps that are missed unless you give us a call and have your floors professionally installed. The benefits, in different locations, of epoxy floors are:
    This image shows a modern living room with a brown epoxy floor.
    Epoxy floors for home interior designers has become one of the hottest trends sweeping through the country. An epoxy concrete floor in your home allows you and your family to enjoy your home without worrying about damaging your floors. Epoxy floors can be installed to mimic wood, marble, and so much more; however, those flooring systems require intense and constant care, but with an epoxy flooring system all of that is reduced. You and your family can enjoy your daily routine without having to carve time out specifically for your floors.
    This image shows a happy group of people at a school.
    Retail and business floors handle constant usage and as an owner having your building under constant maintenance and repairs is not on the priority list. Commercial epoxy floors are resistant to wear, and tear caused by high foot-traffic. The epoxy coating is designed to handle high usage and spills of all sorts commonly found in these types of settings. Decorative epoxy is one way to individualize your store or business because of the unlimited amount of choices for color, texture, and patterns.
    This image shows an industrial plant with gray epoxy floors.
    In any type of factory or warehouse, lighting is commonly an issue, and with an epoxy floor that issue is completely eliminated. An epoxy floor has a glossy glass-like finish that allows for great light reflection, which ultimately improves overall lighting. Epoxy floors are also designed to be impact resistant, so they are hard to break or crack. In different types of warehouses and factories, chemicals and oils are used regularly, so spills are unavoidable; furthermore, an epoxy floor is resistant to all types of damages that could occur from spilled chemicals or oils.
    This image show a garage floor with flake epoxy that is cream in color.
    Garage Epoxy
    A home garage can be used for many different things so it must be made to withstand all that life can throw at it. Our home vehicles, with an epoxy floor, last longer because of the floors seamless and smooth final product.
    Epoxy floors are easy on vehicles and machinery that may be kept in a garage giving them a much longer lifespan. Garage epoxy floors can be made to be slip, vehicle fluid, and oil resistant.
    This image shows a living room with a baby playing on the floor.
    Basement Epoxy
    Our basement floors are crucial to maintain whether they are used frequently or not. A basement must be resistant to water and moisture damage, especially with summers in Tallahassee. Concrete is naturally extremely porous and would allow any water spill or leakage to penetrate its surface. Once water has made its way through your concretes pores it creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew which causes not only health but structural issues for your home. Epoxy basement floors are resistant to abrasions that would otherwise break down any other flooring system and little maintenance is actually required for an epoxy floor. With unlimited potential in design and strength, your basement can be transformed.
    This image shows a commercial area with epoxy-painted floors.
    Metallic Epoxy
    Unique designs are very important for home and business owners alike, whether you’re looking for a new and fun color or an out of this world design, metallic epoxy floors deliver. These epoxy floors must be installed by a professional because they require a strong artistic skill. Metallic epoxy floors create 3D illusions that can display clouds, rocks, ripples and more. Such beautiful floors will make fantastic first impression on customers and guests alike. The best part is, a professionally installed metallic epoxy floor can never be duplicated, meaning you will be the only one to ever own that design.
    This image shows a modern living room with a green sofa.
    If you’re looking for an easy way to help the planet, an epoxy floor is the best route. With less materials being used for installation and less waste being produced at the end of the installation, an epoxy floor is a great way to make a green footprint.
    This image shows a man mopping the hospital floor.
    All epoxy floors, residential, commercial, or industrial, are easily maintained. Cleaning your floors is not back breaking labor when you have an epoxy system professionally installed because your floors will be resistant to all types of damages. Daily sweeps and light mopping is always encouraged for hygienic purposes, but because dust and spills are isolated to the surfaced, deep scrubbing and harsh chemicals are unnecessary for maintenance.