Have any questions? Do you want to make sure it’s right for you? The following are frequently asked questions from our customers
What is pool deck resurfacing?
Pool deck resurfacing is the process used to repair or reconstruct the current state of your pool deck. Pool deck resurfacing can be used if your pool deck is damaged; not structurally, and if you want to refresh the current appearance of our pool decking. We offer many different materials for our pool decking and all of them offer a handful of benefits that suit even the pickiest designers. Did you know that resurfacing your pool decking with a more modern or just new material can significantly increase the value of your home by the thousands? Or did you know that a home with a damaged pool deck is less likely to be passed for a loan to sell your home? A pool deck resurfacing can help your home in more ways than appearance as it adds a safer and more comfortable to the touch environment for everyone who is using the concrete pool deck.
Can my pool deck be repaired or does it need to be resurfaced?
In most cases, the concrete pool deck may just be repaired or “patched” to just clean up the appearance of your pool. Since the most common repairs we do are on kool decking, we will use this as an example. Kool decking is the easiest type of coating to repair as the process is as simple as filling the cracks and recoating or just recoating areas that may have peeled up. But after the repair is complete, it is very easy to tell where the repair has been done even if you repaint the entire pool deck. While this is okay for most clients, our clients that have extensive repairs, we advise that you resurface your concrete pool deck. This will provide a seamless and uniform appearance. No matter what you need to be done, from a simple crack repair to a full-scale backyard pool deck renovation, we got you covered.
How long does pool deck resurfacing take?
The timeline of your pool deck resurfacing procedure can depend on a few critical points. The first is the extent of the repairs that must be done on the current concrete slab. We fill all cracks with a specialized material that restricts the growth of said cracks and provides a smooth finish. Depending on what material you choose to go with, the process may take a day longer as there may be preparations required on the concrete slab for said coatings. For a basic repair, we can be in and out of your home in as little as one day, but for more extensive repairs or full deck resurfacing, it may take up to 3-5 days. We want to ensure that your concrete pool deck won’t give you any more problems for the foreseeable future so we will take our time making sure everything is done correctly.
What are the benefits of pool deck resurfacing
When you choose to resurface your concrete pool deck, you will be delighted to know that you will inherit many great benefits. With a brand new pool deck, you will have a safer back yard which is perfect for families. The new coat of paint or new material are also perfect for reflecting sunlight, making your concrete pool deck cool to the touch so you won’t have to worry about burnt feet. One of the benefits that our past clients have loved the most about resurfacing their concrete pool deck is the fact that they have all the power when it comes to customization. We offer a variety of different materials that can be used any way you wish, you can even use multiple materials at once on your concrete pool deck to make it even more to your standards.
What is the process for pool deck resurfacing?
Since there are many different methods and procedures for resurfacing a concrete pool deck, we will outline the process of a concrete overlay. First, we remove any coating that is already applied to the concrete pool deck. If there is no previous coating, we continue on to the next step which is the filling of all cracks or chips on the deck. This is done with a special material that restricts all growth and movement of the crack as well as creates a smooth finish on the final coat. We then use a diamond wheel to open the pores of the concrete to allow the concrete overlay to properly bond to the surface of the concrete. After the entire concrete pool deck has been ground, we apply a coat of bonder to ensure a tight and durable bond. The next step is the installation of material which is trowled down and allowed to dry for at least 24 hours before we apply the final coat which is a sealer that can have an additive that is similar to sand to allow more grip when the concrete pool deck is wet.
Is pool deck resurfacing an affordable option?
When weighing all other options in fixing your pool decking, you will find that resurfacing is the most affordable option. All other processes include removing and re pouring your existing concrete and that can be a very time consuming and expensive process that will end in the same place you are already finding yourself in. There are two types of concrete, concrete that has cracked and concrete that is going to crack. We offer our services to our neighbors in Tallahassee who want to save their current pool decking while saving a couple hundred or even thousand dollars.