Garage Floor Epoxy

Garages handle the brunt of all the force. There we unpack our cars, keep extra supplies, and it is where we walk in and out of without worrying about what we have on our shoes. Garage floors need to be strong and durable for your everyday life adventures. As the best epoxy company in the Tallahassee, we know just what your garage floor needs to be professionally and quickly installed
Epoxy floors are resistant to just about everything when they are properly installed. When you’re ready, give us a call.



    Where can you install an epoxy floor?

    Residential and commercial epoxy floors can be installed in a number of different areas. Whether you desire these floors to be installed for beauty or strength, they can do it all.
    • Kitchens utilize epoxy, commercial and residential, for their safety features and durability.
    • Hotels apply epoxy for their beauty and resistance to damage.
    • Showrooms love the smooth surfaces for their vehicles.
    • Pack plants and facilities enjoy long-lasting and strong floors
    • Public restrooms install epoxy for safety, cleanliness, and looks.
    Driveways that have epoxy coatings on them are much more durable and much more attractive.
    This image show a garage floor with flake epoxy that is brown in color.

    Garage Floor Epoxy: Benefits and More.

    There is absolutely no need for you as a business or homeowner to spend more money than you should on a good floor. Garages are just as important to us and our homes as any other part of it would be or just as much as any part of your business is, and we know this. Our team has decades of combined experience working and installing epoxy floors. Don’t trust just anyone with your floors, to gain the benefits of a concrete epoxy floor, it must be installed appropriately and professionally.
    This image shows an industrial plant.
    When installed by a professional, an epoxy floor can last well over 15-years and look brand new throughout those years. Because epoxy floors are practically impervious to damage, they will be with your garage for a long time. DIY kits cut this long-lasting benefit because without licensing and proper training, improperly installing an epoxy floor can allow moisture and chemicals to ruin your concrete, leading to very expensive repairs. For a long-lasting floor, trust the professionals.
    This image shows a car being cleaned.
    Concrete is a naturally porous surface, allowing any and all chemicals and liquids to penetrate the surface. This quality creates issues for garage owners who store vehicles, spill water, or have vehicle fluid leakage. If water seeps into the concrete, mold and mildew have a perfect breeding ground and if chemicals begin to penetrate the surface, discoloring, breakage, and damage begin to take place on your garage floor. But with a properly installed epoxy floor, none of that is a worry or an issue because the top layer protects your concrete garage floor from all of those possible damages.
    This image shows a vehicle manufacturing plant that has a white epoxy floor.
    Your garage epoxy floor has endless possibilities for design! There is a way to personalize your garage floor by choosing between colors, textures, and patterns. For example, metallic epoxy floors are beautiful 3D designs that can be installed to look like clouds, mountains, rocks and so much more. This type of epoxy design has been one of the most popular options for residential and commercial designers alike. The uniqueness that these floors allow is incredible and can never be duplicated.
    This image shows a mechanic fixing a car.
    Epoxy garage concrete floors are extremely durable and can withstand some of the harshest environments. A concrete epoxy floor can withstand heavy equipment, high foot-traffic, machinery, and vehicles all present in your garage. The epoxy floor coating is tough against all types of hard impact, deep cracks, and abrasions. This is amazing quality for people who use their garages as workshop areas or have constant family and visitors in and out of the garage area.
    This image shows a woman cleaning the floor.
    Epoxy garage floors will be the easiest floors you have ever maintained! The epoxy coat is impenetrable by water and chemical spills, so spills are isolated on the surface making them easy to wipe and clean up quickly. Dust and debris are also kept on the surface and are easily taken care of by a daily sweep. Epoxy floors do not require weekly or monthly treatments for maintenance, nor do they require constant repairs and replacements. Simple soft soap and light cleaning whenever oils spill from vehicles or machinery. For more information on maintenance please give our professionals a call.
    This image shows a man painting the floor with a roller.
    Quick Installation
    One of the biggest issues with installing new floors is the time commitment you are cornered into by installers, but not with us, and not with epoxy flooring. Garage epoxy concrete floors are quick and easy to install. On average, an installation would not take more than 72 hours, but all cases vary. However, we do not want to invade your space or rearrange your daily routine, so we will dedicate our time to moving as quickly as possible while being professional.
    This image show a garage floor with flake epoxy that is gray in color.
    Epoxy garage floors are the best option when you’re wanting to lighten up your area. The glass-like finish offers a unique reflection of your lights that will brighten up any area. The improvement of visibility by a garage epoxy floor is incredible when you consider not having to install more lighting, that over time, will cost you more money.
    This shows a mechanic smiling.
    Garage epoxy floors offer many safety features that plain concrete and other flooring options simply cannot offer. Your garage is very versatile, it can be used for a number of different things, not just a space to store your vehicles. Epoxy garage floors can be installed to be slip-resistant, heat -resistant, and even fire-resistant. These features are there to keep you and your loved ones safe while you’re in your garage space or not.