Pool Deck Tallahassee

Sealed, resurfaced, and epoxied concrete are three of the most durable, affordable, and valuable actions you can take with your concrete.
Sealing your concrete is a smart and easy decision to make when you know about the alternative; meaning, concrete is naturally a porous surface, and it will allow any and all liquids to penetrate its surface: chemicals, water, or oils. Any liquid that is absorbed into your concrete will cause structural issues with your floor and can lead to very expensive repairs and replacements. Water, for example, if left to be absorbed into your concrete’s pores, creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which will leave you with no other choice than to replace your floors. Sealing your concrete blocks off the rest of the world from your floor, keeping looking new for many years.
Resurfacing your pool deck is the most valuable option for your damaged concrete deck, why? Because it allows you to elongate the lifespan of your current concrete and adds property value to your home or business. Resurfacing a concrete pool deck can mean completely redesigning your backyard landscape look, while or spending a fraction of what it would cost to completely remove the concrete and replace it with a new one.
Epoxy floors are the hottest trend on the market! They are the most affordable option that will repay any investment you make in them. Epoxy concrete floors are resistant to chemical, water, oils, and stains while also being impact, slip, and fire resistant. These floors are from popular in warehouses, schools, retail centers, and garages. From decorative to simple floors, our contractors here in Tallahassee can do it all.



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    Our team has decades of combined experience with concrete repairs and replacements. We pride ourselves in above and beyond the work because we love what we do. As individuals, our installers know how important a strong and long-lasting floor is for your home and business, so for low-end prices we offer high-end materials, because we are here to work with you. Our installers want to make your dream floors a reality. Whether you need your swimming pool deck resurfaced, your garage floor epoxied, or your concrete sealed, we are here. With professionally licensed installers, whatever your design is, we can make it happen. Give our friendly team a call with any questions or concerns to begin the process today.
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    With an estimated population of 19,000 people, Thomasville is only 30 miles out of Tallahassee. The area was named after Major General Jet Thomas in 1812 and became the center of education and politics in Georgia at that time. Today you can enjoy Dawson Street Historic District and Thomas County Museum for more historical background of the founding and development of Thomasville. Even though Thomasville is a small down, it hosts some big festivals that all of the local’s love attending. Rose, Black Heritage, and Deep South and the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festivals every year! All of these festivals showcase what Thomasville is truly made of, so if you’re in the area, you are encouraged to attend.
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    Home to Florida State University and being the capitol of Florida, Tallahassee is an eventful area to live and visit. With a population around 200,000 people and nonstop rolling hills, Tallahassee offers both quaint and quiet living and alive and active living. Tallahassee is one of the most beautiful places to live with about 266 days, on average, of sun, and average temperatures of 70 degrees. With many outdoor natural parks and historical museums, Tallahassee offers the best of both worlds for indoor and outdoor lovers.
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    If you enjoy the open air then Bainbridge is the destination for you! It is known as the “Bass Capitol of Georgia” because of the Flint River and Lake Seminole fish population. Both of these bodies of water offer great fishing and water sport opportunities. Bainbridge offers a wide-open space for fresh air and great town activities.
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    Do you enjoy supporting local businesses and artists? If so, then Cairo is the place for you! A city known for its hospitality and unique festivals, Cairo offers a suburb feel to its residents and visitors because of its small population but inclusionary atmosphere. Many festivals and museums truly capture the essence of this incredible town on a yearly basis.
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    With a small population of 6,000 residents, Camilla offers those seeking comfort in community, just that. Don’t let a small-town appeal fool you, Camilla is beautifully diverse and an area with a lot of depth into our nation’s history. With many destination spots that offer an insight into its landscape and civil rights movements, Camilla has a little bit for everyone.
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    With a population of 15,000 residents this area offers great learning opportunities for those who wish to dive deeper into the city’s fascinating history. It is home to Moultrie Area Technical Institute and is home to facilities from Albany State University, Florida State University. With many outdoor parks and incredible history museums, Moultrie is a great destination spot for long-term residence or passing through.