No matter what kind of pool decking that you have installed, there comes a time where repairs or even resurfacing must be done. This is because your pool decking is always subject to the harsh elements on a daily basis with virtually no protection. Well for our neighbors in Tallahassee, this will be a headache-free process if you choose to use our concrete pool deck repair services! Allow us to expand a little on our repair and resurfacing procedures below.
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    There are a few signs that point to your concrete pool deck needing repairs or a full resurfacing procedure. Below we have outlined a few problems that point to repairs needing to be made.
    • Cracks are the main concern for many concrete pool decks. If the cracks are small and there are not that many of them, a standard repair is more than enough.
    • A faded pool deck is an unsafe pool deck as it may not reflect heat or supply enough traction
    • Areas, where your pool deck material may have peeled up, may be repaired, but if the bond has been separated, a resurfacing procedure may need to be done
    • You may want to resurface your concrete pool deck when you become tired of the same coating that you had for years
    • Pool deck crack repair is great to perform before the selling of your home so your home increases in value and passes inspection
    concrete pool dec
    Pool deck repair is more than just a repair, it is peace of mind knowing that yourself, your children or your guests are safe using your pool decking. We offer many different types of repairs that our contractors have decades of combined experience in doing, so we know how to get the job done right the first time. The benefit of going with us is the fact that if we can’t repair your decking, we can offer our services to resurface your concrete pool decking. Below we have outlined a few of our most popular repairs and materials that our clients have loved for years!
    pavers over concrete pool deck
    Pavers are an extremely easy material to repair and maintain alike. When a paver breaks; though it is rare they do; all that is required to repair the paver is to remove the broken paver, clean out the empty slot of any debris and just slide a brand new paver back in. It may take a few weeks until the paver matches the others as they have probably faded due to exposure to sunlight.
    concrete pool deck repair
    A concrete overlay is an excellent material to resurface your concrete pool decking with as it can be applied right over the top of your existing concrete with a little preparation. Concrete overlay in itself is also a great way to repair pool deck as a critical step in an overlay is the filling of all cracks with a material that restricts the growth while supplying and smooth finish coat.
    stamped concrete pool deck
    While stamped concrete becoming damaged may look like a disaster, it is actually a pretty easy pool deck repair that won’t take to long at all. When the stamped cracks, it is typically from the exposure to the wind, rain, and sun that are sometimes constantly beating down on it. All that is needed is a “paste” that matches the color and dries hard as a rock.
    cool pool deck coating
    Kool Decking has been the leading pool deck coatings since 1962 and is found almost everywhere a pool is placed. This is because Kool Decking offers superior heat resistance, traction when wet and a variety of different colors to choose from. When performing repairs on Kool Decking, we use a cement-like substance for the Kool Decking to cure on as it needs fresh concrete in order to sustain a tight bond.
    Resurface Pool Deck
    An acid stained pool deck offers both an attractive appearance along with easy pool deck repairs. This is because it is a plain concrete and all cracks can be filled without too much damage to the existing decking. After the pool deck repair has been completed, we restain the patch with the same color stain and it will eventually fade into the same color as its surrounding area.
    concrete pool deck resurfacing
    While tile is an unconventional pool deck material, it offers a one of a kind feel on your feet and superior light reflection resulting in a cool temperature. While the pool deck repair would be tedious, it wouldn’t be too bad at all. We would start by removing the affected tiles and fill any cracks under them and simply place new tiles
    pool concrete deck
    Stenciled concrete is a material that is unique in design and application. It is made by spraying stain over stencils that will result in the replication of wood, pavers and even tile. When it comes time for pool deck repair and you have a stenciled concrete finish, results may vary, so please talk to your pool deck repair contractor to see what your case may be!
    Concrete Pool Deck Repair
    Spray on pool decking has the benefit of being a fairly easy and worry free pool deck repair. The crack is filled with our specialized material and ground down to reopen the pores of the concrete and make the patch smooth. The material is then reshot with the material, trowled down to replicate the texture and allowed to dry before being repainted.